AcuLearn develop products along the value chain from the media production source right down to the accessibility of the users.

AcuStudio is the media production source software. Use it on Windows and Mac to record multiple channels (Webcam, Document camera, Desktop) with the ease of switching layout to record all sources at the same time or any combo of these sources.

AcuStudio can also be switched to service mode and act as time schedule recorder for all your lecture theatres as well.

With a flip of a switch, you can webcast your recording to live audience over Internet.

If you do need to have a real time discussion, AcuConference will assist you with that. Send the link and passcode to your friends. Click to enter.

AcuConference support desktop sharing, PowerPoint, media files, document camera, polls etc. The tools to help you make your presentation better with ease.

Be it video streaming, live webcast or conference, you need a good delivery network. AcuLearn Online content delivery network server’s solution does exactly that. With AcuManager serves as the heart of this intelligent network, Aculearn Online CDN can handle your data storage and transmission with ease. CDN deploys content, publisher’s policies to manage where data goes and where data stores. You can setup virtual CDN to segment and allocate data to where it is needed most. AcuStreams pick up these data for delivery to end users.

Content Delivery Network

  • Rich-media acceleration
  • Security
  • Administration
  • Customized Templates

Video portal

Video portal server is the landing page for your users. With the video portal, all your video streams and webcast are easily accessible.

  • Watch VOD and live webcast
  • Secure content- Permission to view
  • Auto subscribe to your course
  • Web editing
  • Time tag on comment
  • Search for comments and presentation
  • Playlist, Stats and History