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Design specifically for online education

(1)Easy adoption- No need for massive IT investments and in house expertise.
(2)Ecosystem solution- Multichannel media recording,live webcast, VOD, eCourse, video portal, lecture hall schedule recording, real time classroom, campus IM messaging, document share and search
(3)Online business- Own your web shop, Publish your content, Set your price Set your reseller's terms, beautiful poster template to share your course in social media, click to buy, payment gateway
(4)In house solution- Private portal for your students or staff to attend live, 1V4, 1V6 class. Web browser. No installation required.

Video engine

(1) Real time interactive class- 1V1, 1V4, 1V6

(2) Text Chat- Private and Public

(3) Embed YouTube into courseware

(4) Annotations, Trophy and Zoom

(5) Student upload and annotation capability

(6) Video rotation

(8) Place teacher video is big screen for HD view

(9) Screen share and document camera support

(10) Quick poll

(11) PC, Mac, Android and iOS

(12) Web browser. No installation required.

Ecosystem solutions
Breaking geographical barrier. Learn anytime and anywhere.

Independent Network School

Immersive learning experience, building an institution-specific brand website

Mobile H5 Network School

Lightweight mobile teaching experience that makes your online school unique

Social media friendly

Poster template to post to your social media. No additional app.

API open platform

Connect multiple channels for data interconnection

SDK embedded in APP

Build a store on your own app

Industries that will benefit from AcuLearn Online

Video developer


Training institution

Content producer

Social media influencer

Traditional Media